Three Tricks for Tasteful Halloween Decor

Three Tricks for Tasteful Halloween Decor

How to decorate your home for the holiday without overdoing it

Halloween holiday decor brings to mind strings of cutout bats, bowls of candy corn and cotton cobwebs. While much of this “Spooky Season” decor is fairly tacky -- and usable only on Halloween -- some is versatile enough to carry your home interior through the Fall season. While few children will be able to trick-or-treat this year due to the pandemic, families will still be able to gather in small numbers for the holiday. Follow our tricks and treat yourself to a festive but tasteful Halloween home interior!



Go for Elevated Textures Throughout




The textures associated with Halloween are rarely pleasant. Halloween decorations often attempt to replicate the most unpleasant - or at the very least, disturbing - textures, colours and scenery. In most homes, you will find gooey pumpkin guts, slippery jello, cotton cobwebs and leathery bat wings. Try decorating for Halloween 2020 by eschewing the overdone and hum-drum decor of years past through the inclusion of more elevated textures. Call to mind the leathery texture of bat wings with a tasteful ottoman instead of a literal representation.

Add a touch of vampy gore with a set of burgundy tapered candles set into a twisting candelabra. Use metals like bronze, gold and antique silver to bounce flickering candlelight around the room, making it feel warm and intimate - but also a bit spooky. Search for wicker furniture or baskets you can paint black. Consider other highly textural materials like suede, velvet and brocade to really amp up your home decor.



Give Up the Giant Jack-O'-Lantern's in Favour of Petite Pumpkins



 Carved Wood Effect Squat Pumpkin and Carved Wood Effect Pumpkin. Both Available at Ebony Home


In her article “19 Spooky Halloween Decoration Ideas That Are So Chic It' s Scary” for Town & Country, interiors writer Logan Skyes recommends sizing down your Halloween decor. Skip the huge jack-o-lanterns and turn instead to mini pumpkins. Skyes suggests filling your home with “oodles of tiny, hand-sized jack-o-lanterns.” Place them on your credenza, on your bathroom counters, on the coffee table, shelves and on your bookcases - everywhere, really! For a chic upgrade, consider painting your pumpkins black, gold, forest green and other trend colours. This will add a bit of sparkle and style to your space. It will also elevate your home interior past the typical orange pumpkins most homes put out.


Choose a Colour Palette That Works For You



White Wild Meadow Rose and Abstract Face Art Vase. Available at Ebony Home


There is no reason you have to stick with the typical Autumn colours - brown, burgundy, burnt orange, etc. - when decorating for Halloween. While most will cast aside Autumnal shades in favour of deep and dark - blacks, greys and navy -- you can choose pretty much any natural shade for Halloween decor and still make it work. If you prefer creams and beige's, go with it! In fact, Logan Skyes of Town & Country recommends moving towards an understated neutral palette for Halloween 2020. The interiors writer suggests “forget[ting] black” all together and “making your Halloween a breath of fresh air by going for an all-white theme instead.”

If you like greens and browns, run in that direction! Just be sure to keep the space monochromatic and let the theme speak for itself.

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