The Ebony Home Staff Picks Their 2020 Winter Favourites

The Ebony Home Staff Picks Their 2020 Winter Favourites

The Ebony Home staff enjoys sifting through the catalog just as much as the company’s unaffiliated shoppers do! From cosy Mid-Century Modern and Scandi-inspired pieces on Ebony Home’s owner’s list to a grouping of classic and warm neutrals from EH’s social media manager, each piece in the Staff Picks series is sure to please those left on your holiday gift list! Follow below for the Ebony Home Staff picks as we close out the 2020 year.

Gift them to your friends and family - or keep them for yourself as we plan to!


Andrea's Picks



Ebony Home owner Andrea opted for soft finishing's, a mixture of organic materials and a neutral colour palette. Combining functional pieces with decorative elements, Andrea’s picks create a truly Scandinavian-inspired space - balancing utilitarianism with aesthetic value. Andrea emphasizes this balance by mixing soft finishing's like Ebony Home’s blush-toned Frayed Linen Cushion Covers with antiqued stone and metals like those found in the Regola Aged Stone Ceramic Lamp.

When asked about her aesthetic, Andrea said, "With the right combinations of textures, contrasting colours and patterns, neutral home décor is absolutely stunning. Using a neutral palette is a fantastic way to try out design trends without overdoing it.” Andrea loves using neutrals because they are perfectly classic and “give any style a crisp, clean look that can elevate any room."



Chloe's Picks



Social media manager and interiors aficionado Chloe chose to assemble products that, when combined, create a warm, monochromatic space. Chloe’s space exudes the tenets of Hygge - comfort, intimacy and hominess. Chloe’s picks include the Secret Linen Comfort Plain Duvet Set from Ebony Home, which offers a set of cushioned pillowcases and a duvet cover, available in either a soft grey or creamy white. Paired with an iron bed frame and blush throw blanket - perhaps with a wooden bench at the foot of the bed - the Secret Linen Comfort Plain Duvet Set helps create the perfect Hygge paradise.

When asked about her picks, Chloe said that “Anything that creates a sense of warmth through neutrals and monochromes is my ideal of creating a calming hygge home.” In making her picks, Chloe focused on textures, “mixing linens and sheepskin, candles, vases filled with foliage.” By “play[ing] on texture,” Chloe was able to “add warmth” and create a “must-have” space. Other products chosen by Chloe include two pieces from the Nordic Ins Ceramic Vase collection, a sheepskin rug, a set of La BelleFee Marble Octagonal Scented Candles and a matte black fireplace set.



Elizabeth's Picks



Content manager Elizabeth, inspired by the many vintage and antique furnishings and finishing's trends in 2020 interiors, chose pieces from Ebony Home’s collection which best evoke the 1930s American Art Deco period of design. When asked about her choices, Elizabeth said she “loves elements from this period for Fall and Winter because they add a cosy feeling and mood.” They do so, she explains, “with deep, saturated colours and luxe, organic materials to the atmosphere of any space. Elizabeth chose pieces primarily of mixed media to capture the experimentation and graphic looks of the Art Deco period.

Elizabeth explained that she “appreciates the nods to nature in the wooden bar, ceramic vases and framed leaf image and enjoys a mix of metallics throughout. To top off her Ebony Home space, Elizabeth added a floor lamp, which she notes “adds a bit of unexpected industrial flair as a final touch!" Elizabeth’s picks include The Vinus Collection Mirrored Folding Bar, Seville Collection Large Lebes Vase and Metallic Leaf Glass Image In Gold Frameamong others.


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