2020 Design Trends: Preparing Your Home for Autumn

2020 Design Trends: Preparing Your Home for Autumn

Five steps to creating the perfect autumnal-themed interiors throughout your home

Throughout the past few months, our homes have evolved from places of sanctuary and family togetherness to places of remote work, sheltering-in-place, and self-quarantine. Recapture the intimacy and joy of the Fall season by redecorating your home with elements inspired by the Scandinavian philosophy of hygge, colours, shapes and textures from nature, and the best of past decades and centuries of design. “Fall forward” into the second half of 2020 by following these five steps to creating the perfect autumnal-inspired home interior.


Start with an Organic Colour Palette


Organic colours have been huge in interior design and decorating all year, but during the Fall season, this trend truly shines. With Autumn signalling the browning and dropping of leaves, fall season is the perfect time to play with a more natural colour palette. According to Cheryl Eisen of Interior Marketing Group, quoted by Monique Valeris and Kelley Carter in their article 15 Designer-Approved Color Trends for 2020 for Elle Decor, interior decorating this year will “see a shift away from the cool color palette that defined the last decade and toward warmer, more organic tones...warm neutrals and tones in place of cool grays and blues will be much more popular for colors” well into the later months of 2020.

Young Huh of Young Huh Interior Design, quoted by Valeris and Carter, recommends offsetting bolder organic colours like ochre, mustard, and sage with warm pastels. Huh notes that “pastels with added warmth and earthy undertones…[that represent] autumnal colours” are perfect for interiors in autumn and winter. To achieve these two colour trends, warm pastels and organic tones, consider repainting your living room, your bedroom, or a single feature wall in one of Valspar’s 2020 Colors of the Year, which include hues inspired by the American landscape. Canyon Earth - a pinky-orange reminiscent of rock formations across Utah, Desert Fortress - a warm gold-tinged beige, and Secret Moss - a soft, pastel green, all perfect for the season. 


Add in Cozy Hygge Touches


Ebony Home Blush Battilo Rustic Throw and the Frayed Linen Cushion Cover in Ivory. Available at Ebony Home

Make your home a destination for relaxation and togetherness this Autumn by including touches of Hygge, a Nordic philosophy that emphasises intimacy and quiet contemplation through what Hygge House describes as “consciousness, a certain slowness, and the ability to not just be present – but recognise and enjoy the present.” Create cosy nooks for reading, chatting, and eating together with warm, soft lighting. Throw in soft textures with chunky blankets, fluffy pillows, and plush rugs. Emphasise the warm and welcoming atmosphere of your home by including warm-toned wooden elements, beige and sand-colored candles, and suede and velvet accents. House & Garden recommends keeping materials natural wherever possible to create the perfect hygge home.


Bring the Outside In


'Ava' Natural Decorative Pampas and the Hygge Straw Floor Cushion, both available through Ebony Home

Continue your ode to nature, begun by including organic colours and added to by the hygge-inspired materials listed above, with Fall-appropriate nature elements. Avoid bright or cool-toned greens more at home in the Spring and Summer in favour of autumnal prints and textures. If your home is a vision of calm, neutral tones then the pampas grass pictured above by Ebony Home is perfect to add another warm-toned depth to any room. In her article “Here Are the 10 Interior Design Trends That Will Rule 2020“ for Dwell, Cat Dash recommends including “natural, woven materials in the form of rattan furniture, seagrass pendant lights, and jute rugs” without being too trendy. Try including our Hygge Straw floor cushion, as it adds an airy freshness to a room without taking away the cozy feel provided by natural materials.


Redecorate with Retro Elements



Retro patterns like those from the 1950s and ‘60s have seen a resurgence of late across interior design products in wallpapers, textiles, and furniture cuts. Repurposed pieces have risen in popularity over the last few years, marked by a renewed international focus on sustainability and eco-consciousness in everyday life (from interior design to fashion, and from grocery shopping to tourism). As such, Architectural Digest named “Antique and Traditional Furnishings” one of their top furniture trends to look out for in 2020.


Antique furniture, vintage patterns, and retro home decor objects often feature organic shapes and natural colors, making them the perfect fit for fall decorating and for a more elevated interior overall. Consider maintaining a Danish feel throughout your home, especially given that Scandinavian design is hot right now, by mixing contemporary pieces with retro prints and antique wooden furniture.


Play with Freeform Shapes


Native Home Curve Coffee Table, and the Native Home Round Jute Rug. Both available through Ebony Home

In her article “Here Are the 10 Interior Design Trends That Will Rule 2020“ for Dwell, interiors writer Cat Dash lists “Organic Shapes” as the sixth major interior design trend for this year. Dash explains that “While free-form designs have been gaining in momentum, we predict that this is the year the motif hits a fever pitch.” She notes that throughout 2020, “organic shapes [have been] showing up on everything from bath mats to candles.” Home decor objects, furnishings, and finishings popular in 2020 all seem to strike a balance between the natural world and the abstraction popular in art from the 1940s until today.

This might explain why, as Dash notes, many of this year’s designs “feel more like abstract works of art” than functional floor coverings, dinnerware sets, and sectional sofas. Play up the “Freeform Shapes” trend by choosing undulating patterns, unusually shaped rugs, and wall art with abstract, organic elements.

Create or augment your beautiful Fall interior with more products and styling tips from Ebony Home.

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