Ebony Home Holiday Gift Guide

Ebony Home Holiday Gift Guide

Ideal Holiday Gifts for the Hostess, the Plant-Lover and More!

Christmas and Hanukkah stand to look a bit different this year. With many of us celebrating only with those in our “bubble”, staying home with immediate family, housemates and close friends, the 2020 winter holidays will be a far cry from those in 2019. Countless US and UK residents will Zoom and Skype family and friends rather than gathering in person. This lack of physical togetherness might put a bit of extra pressure on gift-givers this year. Follow our Ebony Home Holiday Gift Guide to find the perfect presents for each recipient on your list, from the holiday hostess to the happy-at-home introvert!


For the Holiday Host or Hostess


(Centre) Brass Large Leather Handled Champagne Cooler and (Right) Hand Crafted Serving Tray With Silver Deer Antler Handles, both from Ebony Home


Your annual holiday host or hostess might be feeling the sting of a smaller celebration at home this year. Cheer up your favourite host or hostess by gifting him or her with the perfect hosting gift for the 2021 holiday season! Better yet, pamper your host or hostess with gifts they can use to create the perfect intimate holiday-at-home this season. We love Ebony Home’s Hand Crafted Serving Tray With Silver Deer Antler Handles, which is absolutely perfect for a Christmas morning breakfast in bed. For an intimate New Year’s celebration, gift your host or hostess friend Ebony Home’s Brass Large Leather Handled Champagne Cooler.


For the Remote Worker


(Centre) Marble Pattern Desk Organizer Set and (Right) Citta Cake Scented Candle Soy Wax Candle, both from Ebony Home


Help the recently transitioned remote worker further adjust to their new normal by gifting them the Ebony Home Marble Pattern Desk Organizer Set. This kit includes coasters for your morning coffee, and afternoon tea, as well as a tissue box and a multi-compartment organizer for pens, sticky-notes and so much more. The faux-marble patterning is bang on trend - with Anna Urban of AE Global Repair referring to it as “firmly established...refined…[and] precious, elegant and timeless.” Encourage proper Feng Shui in your friend’s or family member’s home office by sending them an orange-coloured candle alongside the organizer set. Candles - the next best thing to an actual roaring fire - infuse a space with the Fire Element of Feng Shui. According to Rodika Tchi in her article “Easy feng shui decorating with the Fire element” for KnowFengShui.com, “the energy of the Fire feng shui element is the energy of the bright sun, happy celebrations, and glorious, joyful achievements.”

The fire element also brings the energy of strong sexual desire, passion, and romance. Tchi strongly recommends filling your workspace with candles as they offer a “creative, bright, and happy presence in [the] office area.” To achieve the best results, Tchi recommends “nourishing and strengthening” the fire element “in the South, Southwest, Northeast and Center areas of the bagua of your home office.” The article “How to decorate with candles to improve your Feng Shui” from Jackpot Candles insists upon orange candles for home office feng shui. This is because orange candles offer “wisdom and peace.” We love the Citta Cake Scented Candle Soy Wax Candle, which is topped with preserved orange slices!



For the Makeup Maven


(Centre) Modern Minimalist Geo Dressing Table Stool and (Right) Gold Finish Mirror with Marble Base, both from Ebony Home


Your beauty-loving friend might be a bit picky when it comes to products. Given that she might prefer to choose her own lipstick, contour kit and eyeshadow palette, gift her something that will help set the stage for the perfect look, every time. We love the Modern Minimalist Geo Dressing Table Stool and the Gold Finish Mirror with Marble Base from Ebony Home. Both offer understated glamour without overwhelming the space. The sleek base of the gold finish dressing table stool elevates the piece, while the ice blue cushion adds a serene pop of colour. The combination of gold and pastel blue is perfectly on trend -- as is the stool’s mixture of materials. Complete your friend’s bedroom vanity with the marble-based mirror. Contemporary and sleek, the combination of rose gold and white marble offers sophistication and elegance to any space.


For the Plant Parent


(Centre) Nordic Ceramic Wall Planter and (Right) Bonsai Retro Ceramic Green Planter, both from Ebony Home


It is no secret that recently, households worldwide have become completely obsessed with houseplants of all kinds. Emerging from a number of origins - from a desire to emulate Instagram’s “plant parents” to a growing interest in biophilic interior design - houseplant popularity has skyrocketed amongst Millennials, Gen Z’ers and even Gen X’ers. If your friend, father, sister-in-law, or whomever else, has caught the houseplant bug, consider gifting them a few items to help their plants feel a bit more comfortable in their new home!

Perfect for small spaces like studio apartments and tight kitchens, the Nordic Ceramic Wall Planter hangs easily on any wall, making plant-parenting a breeze! For the Zen indoor gardener who takes pride, and peace, in their plant parenthood, we recommend the Bonsai Retro Ceramic Green Planter. Recalling the organic shapes of river rocks and the colours of natural jade, the Bonsai Retro planters can aid anyone in creating a sanctuary at home. 


For the Modern Minimalist


(Centre) Minimalist 'Terra' Ceramic Vase and (Right) Nordic Oak Dressing Stool Footrest Sofa Stool, both from Ebony Home


Shopping for a minimalist can be a tricky ordeal. How does one shop for a person whose entire goal is to keep their home sleek and stark? We recommend offering a bit of warmth to your modern minimalist friend’s clean, simple space by gifting Ebony Home’s Minimalist 'Terra' Ceramic Vase. Small enough to fit on a skinny shelf or shallow credenza, these minimalist vases are simultaneously classic and strikingly contemporary. Each vase in the collection boasts a quiet, clean aesthetic combined with the warmth and tranquillity of orange-toned terracotta ceramic. Our favourite is the “Nemesis!”

Further augment your friend’s minimalist space without packing it with clutter by gifting a Scandi-inspired footstool. We love the Nordic Oak Dressing Stool Footrest Sofa Stool, upholstered in the “Coffee” fabric. This stool’s mid-century design makes it just as attractive as it is practical. With its two wooden handles, the stool can be easily carried from place to place -- whether that be from the foot of your friend’s bed to the den’s armchair.

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