Monochrome: Can You Make it Work for Your Home?

Monochrome: Can You Make it Work for Your Home?

Throughout 2020, the monochrome interiors trend has been one to watch. From moody blacks, deep greens and luxe burgundies to soft pastel pink and eggshell blue, the options for monochrome interiors have been endless - as has the inspiration. The monochrome interiors trend fits in seamlessly with a number of other 2020 design trends, from sustainability and eco-consciousness, to antique and Art Deco revival. One of the most intriguing elements of this trend is the fact that it can be implemented in so many ways. One can do so by affording each room a different style, mode or palette of colour blocking or, conversely, by carrying the palette throughout the entire house. Monochromatic colour blocking can be applied to retro interiors just as well as it can be to ultra-contemporary homes.


Monochromatic Pastels



Nest of 3 Gold Side Tables Pale Pink and Kyoto Brushed Ceramic Vase and Faux Flower. Available through Ebony Home


In fact, designers, retailers and homeowners alike have lauded the trend’s versatility throughout 2020. In their article “Monochrome: The Leading Colour Trend in 2020,” EpicSurface recommends approaching pastels to infuse the trend into your home’s decor. The tiling company endorses pastels because of their ease of inclusion in any interior design scheme. EpicSurface explains that those looking for a “a subtle, chic look [should] choose pastel tones” because “they harmonise well with furniture,” decor objects and most wall coverings.

If you are approaching commercial design rather than residential interior decor, consider pastels for your office space too, the company suggests. Pastels are especially recommended for commercial spaces like “boutiques and offices where elegance and design are front and centre.” To stay on-trend with other 2020 hits, consider natural shades like muted mustard's, sage greens and shell pinks.


Stone Grey, Blue Grey - All the Greys!



Handwoven Light Grey Jute Rug and Desktop Woven Cotton Rope Storage Basket. Available through Ebony Home


For a moody, sophisticated or meditative space, consider turning to a series of grey shades. In their article “15 Designer-Approved Colour Trends for 2020” for Elle Decor, Kelley Carter and Monique Valeris endorse multiple shades of grey to capitalise on the trend without falling into its common pitfalls. The two recommend starting with a stunning, stone-grey base and adding jewel tones to modify the atmosphere of the space.

The pair interviewed Danielle Colding of Danielle Colding Design, who noted that “jewel tones come back in style over and over again as a go-to for adding some punch and pizzazz to any interior,” making them perfect for “a more neutral space.” For an impressive, inspiring interior, Colding recommends adding “deep magenta [and] ochre yellow (and teal)” to any “monochromatic grey space.” Also for this article, Carter and Valeris interviewed John Cialone of Tom Stringer Design Partners, who endorsed “a nice blue-grey” for a “calming” monochromatic space, as it “evokes wellness.”

Cold-toned greys are not the only shades suitable for monochromatic interiors this year. Kristen Peña of K Interiors notes that many designers are “embracing rich, saturated grey colours that change based on the time of day and light in the room” because they “immediately create a mysterious, sexy, and interesting space.”


Moving Beyond Black Monochrome


Round Tassels Stool and Havana Gold 2 Door 2 Drawer Sideboard. Available through Ebony Home


Black and white as a pairing has long overtaken prior monochromatic interiors trends, especially as the two shades have the capacity to feel both effortless and powerful no matter where they are placed or what they are added to. In her article “Sexy eco, monochrome and plus-size furniture: interior design trends for 2020”, Michelle Ogundehin writes that black and white is no longer the ideal for residential interiors.

The dichotomous pair represents “the stark Scandi modernist style of ten years ago,” far from the homey, soft colour trends of recent months. Ogundehin recommends instead turning towards “Japanese-inspired indigo blues,” “cloudy whites, smokey greys,” and “green.” She predicts that “blue-undertoned dark browns will come to dominate, as they imply the solidity of black without its absoluteness.”

These colours each convey “elegance and sophistication” without relying on the impenetrable intensity of black and white, which leaves little room for subtlety.



Modern Monochrome: Organic Ochre



Celeste Nordic Knitted Blanket Sofa Throw (in Mustard), and Embroidered Lace Cushion Cover (in Mustard). Available through Ebony Home


This colour trend is a move away from dark charcoals and blues, the warmer tones – including Deep Reddish Brown and Tanner's Brown – are all strong and subdued yet 'achingly fashionable'.

Thinking of adding a splash of colour to any space? Why not add a dollop of this warming hue to your monochrome home decor. Feature walls to soft furnishings, mustard tones work well with both dark and lighter colours. With its underlying warmth,this colour pairs well with cooler greys, taupe, clay tones and crisp whites.

Monochrome interiors don´t need to be dull, add textures and different hues to create accent pieces in any room. Use your favourite colours to create a real statement at home!


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