2021 Interior Trends: Neutral Walls & Vibrant Wall Art

2021 Interior Trends: Neutral Walls & Vibrant Wall Art

Interior designers and decorators around the world are expecting organic materials and neutral colour palettes to take over the industry in 2021. However, calming colours and natural materials do not translate to boring or flat. The article “Interior Design Trends 2021: What’s Coming Next” by the Wall Sauce Blog notes that designer, decorator and homeowner interest in “the use of organic materials and vegetable-based fibres” is expected to continue on from 2020. The post explains that -- with each consecutive year -- the trend has become more evolved and more elevated. For instance, “last year we saw this idea evolve from just wicker and rattan to natural silk upholsteries, hemp curtains and even cork walls.” The focus on bland, coarse materials typically associated with the natural world has evolved to include “anything that connects us to nature” -- even the most luxurious organic fabrics, sparkling crystals and reflective metals.

The Wall Sauce article encourages homeowners, renters and professional directors alike to embrace “rich textural expression” in each home décor element. Excitingly, the organic trend has moved past the raw materials of 2020. In 2021, it will include “expensive natural materials like marble, decorated tiles...high-end ceramics [and] opulent tile patterns.” 2021 signals a shift from the unfinished and bare to the rich and engaging. One of the key ways in which this shift will emerge is through the addition of vibrant wall art -- from coloured macramé to shocking colour photography -- against the backdrop of existing neutral, organically coloured walls. Follow below to learn more about how organic, neutral walls can pop with vibrant wall art and décor!


How Vibrant Wall Décor Will Dominate 2021 Interior Design Trends

1. Organic Shapes in Bold Colours



Large-scale abstract wall art with organic shapes in bold colours is expected  to take centre-stage in 2021. The site’s article “40 Interior Design Trends in 2021” expresses this in several iterations, first noting that -- in 2021 -- “interior design will be heavily geared towards artistic elements – with various colours and patterns.” The site expects undulating, freeform shapes to play a part as well. It explains that interest has shifted from the “straight shapes” of “minimalist interior decoration” common in 2020. Instead, a turn towards opulence and the richness of the natural world is anticipated.

“Curved and more irreverent” pieces will become common and “most welcome.” This organic shapes trend is expected to filter down from wall art into furniture -- from “soft downy chairs to curved coffee tables.” Just remember that neutrals will still function as backdrops. The NewDecorTrends.com article explains that “various shades of grey...with slight hints of colour will be [a] big trend for...2021.” A neutral background offers an air of sophistication while a pop of colour adds fun and dynamism.


2. Unusual, Quirky Paintings & Prints



(Left and Right) Two Iterations of “Pure Innocence” Canvas Wall Art, Available through Ebony Home


Interior designer Donna Hoffman writes in her article “Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2020 and 2021” that statement pieces as wall art will represent a major trend in 2021. Matchy-matchy interiors are on the way out. Homeowners, renters, designers and decorators are all turning towards pieces that better express the homeowner’s personality rather than matching a design aesthetic. As such, paintings and prints with character will be all the rage in 2021. Unusual, quirky art pieces will fill homes across the US and Europe, Hoffman expects. She writes that “the desire for uniquely curated and crafted interiors is at an all-time high.”

Hoffman recommends choosing art to represent your personal style, experiences and taste rather than simply matching a current design scheme -- e.g. Scandi minimalism, Mid-Century Modern, etc. The writer explains that you can “create this collected feel, statement pieces are used to add depth and flair to a space.” You can fill your home with “oversized art...vintage or antique pieces” or intricate collages. All is up for grabs in 2021!


3. Jewel Toned Wall Décor



The rich, opulent jewel tones commonly associated with royalty and maximalism are back in 2021. Lauren Wicks describes the trend in her article “Top Interior Designers Predict The Biggest Color Trends for 2021” for popular US interiors magazine Veranda. Wicks writes that nearly all the "Colors of the Year" in 2021 -- awarded by major paint manufacturers -- will focus on moody neutrals. Wicks notes that -- while backdrops will be neutral as they were in 2020 -- “richer palettes [with] shades of jewel toned plums and soft sultry purples” will “accent the walls.” Wicks predicts a nod towards the exquisite design of Parisian apartments -- hallmarked by simple elegance yet boasting “modern pops of color and art.”

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